Can’t wait to Glamp!

It has been forever since I have written, and for that I apologize.  We had a tough autumn and winter, but we’ll be back in the spring.

As you can see, the girls are tucked in for the winter.  And while its spring somewhere, it’s not in northern Vermont yet!   The Pink lady sits undercover and awaiting a spring makeover while Miss Lulu sits off in the back ground covered with snow.  Little Miss Lulu will become a hunting camp on my husbands land, while the Pink Lady is Mama’s pride and joy awaiting the completion of her make over.  

So stay tuned and think spring!  I’ll be back when snow melts. 😉

Mama Lulu

Vintage Camper Craze!

Okay so one project just wasn’t enough! I saw this little cutie and had to have her. Haven’t named her yet! I have thought of so many names for her, but none that have really grabbed me, so if you are reading this and come up with a great idea, let me know!

The first name to mind was after a dear friend in Maine called her “the Pink Lady.” I thought once of calling her Corgi Castle because my little corgi mix was joining me one day for a cup of tea with her. Then I thought of a couple of other names but nothing that stuck.

Anyway, enough Babble, here she is! Oh and NO! I didn’t pay $4000 for her.


I seriously couldn’t resist her! And she was instantly usable…although the guy I bought her from said it was completely renovated, but frankly, that was not true. I swore I wasn’t going to rip it apart, but there were a few things that frankly bugged the heck out of me! So… Time to remodel!


Lucky for me, the old table was still inside so we just needed to add legs and reattach.


Okay so I had to slip in a photo of my little love bug! This is Murphy!

And I couldn’t resist making new curtains. Not done yet! But here’s one done!

So now, I am in the process of sanding down and repainting the cupboards.

Don’t worry! Little Miss Lulu has not been forgotten! I’ll resume work on her later.

Happy Glamping!!!
Mama Lulu

Starting a scrap book of the progress of renovating Little Miss Lulu

I think pictures say so much more sometimes than words. Enjoy!

Gutting the Little Lulu and bringing her home…

Here’s some other glampers that I like. I’m going for something like this….


Here’s a few things I purchased for my little girl:


And yesterday I bought some materials for rebuilding:

I am keeping track of how much my little restoration project takes. I’m planning on about $3500 – $4000. We’ll see when it’s done! What I do know is that I am not necessarily going for cheapest as I want this to be my special little getaway….Mama’s little “woman cave.”
Happy Glamping!

Finding a Revella LoPal

I’m nearly done the deconstruction of Miss Lulu; my Revella LoPal. I’ve searched Pinterest and the web for pictures of the interior. I can’t find another LoPal out there but I was blessed with getting all the original paperwork for Miss Lulu. Together with the parts and pieces left over; I have figured out that the interior looks very similar to this.


The refrigerator is currently this color:



“Papa Lulu” tinkered on the refrigerator today and got it working! I’m going to remove the front panel and paint it the same color as the blue on the inside. I will post pictures once I finish.

Happy Camping!